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Eye Makeup

Some of our customers consider themselves to be too grown up to have their face painted but no young lady is too grown up to have their eyes made up. These examples demonstrate  both the bold and the subtle. There are many other variations on our main site. 

Eye Makeup: Jester Eye Eye Makeup: Subtle Shading Eye Makeup: Detailed Tribal Eye


Every little girl dreams of being a princess. We can make these dreams come true, whether  it be a floral design, an  ice princess, or something entirely different.

Princesses: Snow Princess Princesses: Ice Princess Princesses: Blue Flower Princess
Cheek Art

Another favourite, and particularly good if there is any chance of sensitive skin around the eyes, is cheek art. We are very careful to ensure that being painted is a comfortable and pleasant experience. This can sometimes be spoilt when it comes to washing. For young or very delicate skin, we have found that the best readily available product for removing all manner of face paints is Johnson's Baby Shampoo!

Cheek Art: Butterfly And Flowers Cheek Art: Snowman Scene Cheek Art: Leafy Forest Elf


Some of our designs do not fit clearly into any other categories on this site. Funky hair has fast become a favourite with little girls and can be very effectively combined with paints and glitters. Fantasy figures, feathers and gems, will always be  favourites.

Miscellaneous: Unicorn And Rainbow Miscellaneous: Purple Funky Hair Miscellaneous: Feathers And Gems


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