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Whether on Face or Body, painted designs are the least durable of our product. Water based, the paints are not resilient to water and will wash off very easily with mild soap and water. A fixative can be applied, upon special request, which will help stop the smudging effect from normal  body perspiration. This fixative, or barrier spray, does not make the paint any more difficult to wash off but is normally reserved for body painting.  Particularly with children, there is always a risk of sprayed product getting in the eyes, a risk which we do not consider to be appropriate.

Tigers: Three Leaf Tiger Tigers: Baby Tiger Tigers: Pink Glitter Princess Tiger


Butterflies have always been a favourite for the girls, young and old alike. Properly painted, the butterfly should double as makeup and should accessorise the subjects outfit. Lorna has developed her own subtle style for painting Butterflies on the face.  Cool Faces, produce faces which you would be proud to wear anywhere. Our success is never wanting to wash off our work.

Butterflies: Pink And Yellow Detailed Butterfly Butterflies: Pink And Orange Scene Butterfly Butterflies: Princess Swirls Butterfly

There are many variations of the cat theme which appeal to our customers. Here are just three but, as you can see,  each one is entirely different from the others.

Cats: Fiest Cat Cats: Witches Cat Cats: Devil Cat

Other Animals

Whether we can find Nemo or not, every day we paint a veritable menagerie. Here you can see examples of a bird and an abstract horse but there are many other examples on our main site.

Other Animals: We Found Nemo! Other Animals: Abstract Bird Other Animals: Abstract Horse


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