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Temporary Tattoos

Tested to the same exacting standards as our paints, we use Tempu and Tsukineko Inks for our tattoos.

Tempu - Normally applied by brush, these last anything from three to five days, depending on conditions and maintenance. To ensure maximum duration, these applications must be dried and reset, using normal talcum powder, whenever they get wet. 

Tsuhineko - Normally applied using specialist sponge applicators, these last anything from two to three days, depending on conditions. These are ideal for youngsters because they are quick to apply.

Temp Tattoo: Tribal Scroll Temp Tattoo: Detailed Flowers Temp Tattoo: Tribal Half Face

Glitter Tattoos

We use poly glitters which have absolutely no metallic content. Metallic glitters can cause reactions and, without proper care, can cut or scratch the eyes. We would always recommend that such products are avoided.

There have been a number of products launched for the purpose of attaching glitters and gems to the skin but, whilst we have not encountered any problems with them, when on test, we prefer to use the universally recognised , and approved, Telesis Beta Bond. This is the medical product used for bonding prosthetic devices, dressings and ostomy appliances to the body. It is water resistant but is is not a dermal irritant.

These last anything from two to three days, depending particularly on the amount of "rub" on the tattooed area.

Glitter Tattoo: Green Fairy Glitter Tattoo: Dragonfly Glitter Tattoo: Silver Snake
Painted Tattoos

We use various different makes of paint amongst which are Snazaroo, Fardel, Grimas, Kryolan, and Mehron. All of the paints which we use are of a professional high grade quality. They are FDA, EEC and EU approved and hypo-allergenic. We do not use any paints which have not been rigorously tested or which have failed to meet the stringent standards of  the FDA, EEC or EU. Importantly, all our paints are water based and are easily removed from skin and clothing.

Painted Tattoo: Skull On Sword Painted Tattoo: Chinese Dragon Painted Tattoo: Bugs Bunny


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