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UV - Ultra Violet

Ultra Violet, "Black Light" or "UV" effects have long entertained audiences, both young and old. The examples below only touch on the many possibilities. Cool Faces have been called upon to produce "UV" Face Painting and Body Painting for several stage shows, night clubs, specialist workshops, and even children's discos. There are very few painters with the necessary expertise required to produce results which are effective in any combination of light. The "UV" paints and glitters used to produce these effects are considerably more expensive than  standard products but the stunning, high impact, results speak for themselves.

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Body Art

In recent years, Body Art has taken on a life of it's own throughout the western world. Companies have recognised this to afford them an effective tool for marketing, advertising and promotion. Clubbers seeking unique individualism find that Body Painting provides them with an ideal medium to achieve this. Even mothers to be are approaching us for a unique  graphic, and altogether painless reminder of their pregnancy. 

Body Art: Corporate Logos On Hostess Pre-Natal Body Art: Land & Sea Scene Body Art: Male Host -  Naked Torso Painted With Shirt And Corporate Logos

Adults may have less imagination than children but, when it comes to having their faces painted, they are every bit as demanding.

Phantom Of The Opera Adult Lilac Princess Adult Stage Tiger

FX - Special Effects

Special effects or FX is a technique used for a number of different purposes. ranging from theatrical events to casualty simulation.  The application of waxes and synthetic bloods can produce the most realistic of wounds for any purpose.

Special Effects: Broken Nose and Cut Brow Special Effects: Severed Finger Special Effects: Cyborg Eye


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